More than 30 years of experience in the conversion of adhesive tapes, cutting of rolls to different widths, lamination on other substrates and die-cutting with different presentations (loose parts and rolls) to offer you the best productive solution.

At Dascor you will find a flexible team. People who adapt to your needs for small series or tight delivery deadlines.

We are a “3M Preferred Converter”. We combine the innovation of 3M with our experience in conversion and die-cutting, to create exactly what our customer demands. Through the use of processes such as tailored die-cutting or substrate lamination adhesives, we are capable of designing innovative products that satisfy the most specific needs of your company or business.

Discover the safest
solutions in adhesive tape:

Special single-sided tapes Labelling and identification Dissipation of heat and cold Sliding and non-slip surfaces Double-sided non-repulpable tapes High-temperature connections and masking Sealing tapes Tape for electroplating processes Cloth Tapes High performance duct tapes General use duct tape Masking tapes Masking tapes Filament and strapping tapes Filament tapes Strapping tapes Small-format products Repulpable tapes Separable double-sided repulpable tapes Non-separable double-sided repulpable tapes
Single-sided repulpable tapes Non-repulpable double-sided tapes Thin double-sided tapes High performance tapes Carpet tapes Repositionable tapes Transfer tapes VHB-ISOTAC transfer tapes ATG tapes ATG equipment Double-sided foam tapes PE foam tapes PU foam tapes Small-format products VHB tapes General use VHB RP VHB for high temperatures Transparent VHB tapes Formable VHB tapes VHB tapes for difficult substrates and powder coating
VHB for application at low temperatures High shear strength VHB Small-format products Removable joining systems Black self-closing Dual Lock Transparent self-closing Dual Lock Black lock one another Dual Lock Low thickness Dual Lock Hook & Loop Adhesivos estructurales EPX presentation Applicators and Accessories Adhesivos ScotchWeld Instant Adhesives Gasketing adhesives Thread sealants Retaining compounds Threadlockers Accelerators Water-based adhesives Water-based adhesives
Solvent adhesives Solvent adhesives Aerosol Adhesives Aerosols Lubricants Cleaners Cylinder spray adhesives Cylinder spray adhesives Nozzles Components Sealants Polyurethanes Hybrid windscreen bonding Preformed Primer sealants Hot-melt / reactive adhesives TCQ hot-melt adhesive TCQ hot-melt applicator Reactive hot-melt adhesives Applicators and Accessories for reactive hot-melt adhesives

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