Ethical Channel

DASCOR SL in its organization and management model has enabled an Ethics Channel with preventive effectiveness that enables the detection of acts or behaviors that could be contrary to the general or sectoral regulations applicable to it in accordance with the Penal Code when it imposes “the obligation to report possible risks and non-compliance to the body in charge of monitoring the operation and observance of the prevention model”.

The Ethical Channel is enabled for all members who are part of our entity and/or third parties who may inform the organization of the existence of any procedural and organizational weakness that may lead to criminal risk or the commission or omission of a criminal act.

DASCOR SL guarantees confidentiality, anonymity, and the absence of retaliation of any kind towards the person who has brought the facts to light. The data will be kept in the system only for the time necessary to investigate the reported facts. In any case, after three months from the introduction of your personal data, our organization will proceed to delete it from the system. If its conservation is necessary to continue the investigation, our organization may continue to process your data in a different environment that corresponds legally.

Complaints may be communicated through any of the following channels enabled in the organization:

1- Email to the following address:
2- Model of communication of evidence or suspicion of criminal conduct that may be obtained in physical or digital format by requesting it at the organization’s offices.
3- Completion of the following form:

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